Watch Me Learn’s excellent curriculums provide the full range of academics for each stage of a child’s development. Your child will benefit from the social skills, enriching activities, verbal communication and intellectual stimulation that our curriculums offer.

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Our infant center is unique because it is divided into two separate areas by age to maximize the individual attention and safety for each infant. An added convenience for parents is the drive-up covered carport secured entrance.

You will find our home-like Nursery provides a warm, secure, and peaceful setting. Our infant caregivers will nurture and stimulate your baby while encouraging him/her to develop at their own pace. Infants interact daily with learning materials that help develop their cognitive and motor skills. There will always be time for holding and comforting your infant throughout the day.


Our toddler program encourages children at this exploring stage to enjoy music, dance, indoor and outdoor play, games, stories, and a more structured schedule. Age-appropriate toys and group interactions will encourage the toddlers to learn and socialize. They will delight in their own separate playground.


Our 2-year-old curriculum introduces concepts to build reading, writing, math, science, and social skills. The children will participate in daily lessons, activities and crafts that will also keep learning fun! The will also enjoy music, dancing, games, creative movement, stories and books, as well as learning centers.


Our 3-year-old program will introduce the alphabet and numbers using letter-forms, sounds and words, and number worksheets, as well as motor skills which introduce cutting, pasting, painting and working with fun, creative crafts. They will share once a week with their classmates show-n-tell and also enjoy participating in holiday parties and special events throughout the year. It is our staff’s responsibility to focus on each individual child and to structure a productive environment with our age-appropriate curriculum. This will build more self-esteem and master skills that they will need in their school years, along with reinforcing positive behavior.


Our challenging and fun Pre-K curriculum prepares your child for elementary school with a strong foundation of basic skills in language, math, science, arts and crafts, social interaction and also plenty of hands-on learning. This is an exciting time for a child to learn more about the world around them. Also introduced will be healthy habits and safety awareness. We have several field trips for the children throughout the year. Your child will enjoy show-n-tell every week and puppet parades throughout the year where the children get a chance to learn songs and to perform for other classes. Your child will enjoy holiday parties and special events.

You and your preschooler will shine with joy at the graduation ceremony in June as he/she proudly celebrates all that has been learned and accomplished. The children graduating from Watch Me Learn will have many fond memories to carry with them throughout the years!


School age children can have days that are very full and busy. Some days they need to just unwind quietly and other days they welcome a challenge. Our before and after school program has something to offer every child while providing an environment that is safe and stimulating. Organized activities and sports in the gymnasium and outdoors, games, toys, books, and computers, including time for homework with quiet zones and socializing with friends, makes this time of the day rewarding for your child and reassuring for you.

Our summer program is divided into two age groups – Discovers I and Discovers II. Both groups will have the opportunity to go on two field trips a week by bus throughout the summer. In addition, each week will have its own creative and exciting theme. The children will enjoy participating in a wide range of activities less structured than the regular school year. They will make specially selected crafts each week according to their themes. Our energetic staff will keep your child enthused throughout the summer and there will be plenty of time for socialization among peers. Your child will love to come back year-after-year to participate in our Summer Camp Program!
Our carefully structured half-day Nursery class takes place Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 3 hours. Our teachers will take extra care familiarizing your child to a pre-school setting. For many families this is the first experience your child will have being away from home. This class is less structured then our daycare program. Cognitive and social skills will be introduced to your child. The age-appropriate curriculum will offer monthly themes with fun crafts. Once a week show-n-tell will be shared with the children. They will enjoy daily creative movement, learning centers, music, and indoor/outdoor play. Throughout the year we celebrate special events and holiday parties.

The 4-year-old Nursery class takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for 3 hours. Our teachers will prepare them for elementary school with the basic skills that are taught in the Pre-K daycare class. This class is slightly more structured than the 3-year-old nursery class. The children will also participate in show-n-tell once a week and they will be learning songs and performing puppet parades throughout the year for other classes. Several educational field trips and special events are scheduled throughout the year. In June your preschooler will shine as he/she Proudly celebrates all that has been accomplished throughout the year with a formal Graduating Ceremony.

Watch Me Learn is confident that when your child graduates, he/she will be ready for the challenges of elementary school emotionally, socially and intellectually. One of the most gratifying rewards you can get from your child is watching them learn and grow each and every day. These formative years will be the most important years in your child’s development. We promise to give your child the most educational and joyful experience we can at Watch Me Learn!





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